Author: Amy Blackburn

Employee Spotlight: Adam Bollinger

A quiet confidence and an incredible attention to detail are what drives photographer Adam Bollinger to create amazing work for Shadowlight’s clients. His always positive attitude and proactive communication skills keep projects flowing and everyone happy. We thought it was time to give Adam a shout out and learn some fun things about him.   … Continue reading “Employee Spotlight: Adam Bollinger”

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Why Use CGI in Commercial Marketing?

Commercial product cycles are moving faster than they ever have, and media is now expected to fulfill multiple marketing objectives. As the need for more assets increases, marketing teams are turning to the world of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to meet these demands. But why is CGI the solution for commercial spaces? Save On Building Costs … Continue reading “Why Use CGI in Commercial Marketing?”

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Employee Spotlight: The Finishing Touch

There is magic that happens towards the end of a set build. You will hear the whistle of a familiar tune as paint cans, brushes and rollers appear. What was once a spackle covered, plain wall will soon be transformed by color and texture allowing our designers vision to fully come to life. This is … Continue reading “Employee Spotlight: The Finishing Touch”

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We’ve Noticed: Virtual Shift

Brands, we simply don’t know how you do it? At SLG we are very fortunate to work with global leaders in various segments. We have a front row seat for product launches, brand revitalization and ad campaigns that will shape the path of a products trajectory. The brilliant minds behind these products are tasked with … Continue reading “We’ve Noticed: Virtual Shift”

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10 Questions: Jaime Stillman, Senior Stylist

In the world of commercial photography, designers and stylists are critical in achieving results that are not only on trend but also technically proficient. They work to resonate a brand’s image, reach the brands target audience and keep the brand relevant. Led by our Senior Vice President and Creative Director, Kristen Hiestand, our design team … Continue reading “10 Questions: Jaime Stillman, Senior Stylist”

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