Case Study: Creating ELKAY’s Mobile Showroom

by Shadowlight Group

When ELKAY needed to take its showroom on the road, they turned to Shadowlight to
create visuals as big as their ideas. ELKAY’s Heart of the Home Tour trailer is turning
heads all over the country.

ELKAY, a leading manufacturer of cabinets, sinks and faucets, wanted to bring the showroom experience to a town near you. To accomplish this, the company transformed the interior of a 44-foot tractor trailer into a mobile showroom to show off its new line of cabinet, sink and faucet products. The Heart of the Home Tour trailer is currently traveling to home improvement and cabinet showrooms throughout the US until May 11th. The purpose of the tour is to generate enthusiasm by creating a personal experience with products that are not yet featured in stores. During the tour, ELKAY will hold consumer and designer training events which highlight the latest in door styles, materials and finish trends.

In order to generate interest and attract a larger audience at each stop
along the way, ELKAY wrapped the exterior of the trailer with the image
of a kitchen created using only computer generated imagery (CGI). ELKAY
had originally planned to use conventional photography, but that quickly
proved to be a challenge. As the image became larger, the resolution
degraded. Conventional photography also limited options due to proportion, scale, perspective and lens distortion.

Not willing to give up, ELKAY turned to longtime partner Shadowlight to
address this problem. Shadowlight solved these challenges using CGI
instead of photography. CG images can be rendered at much higher
resolutions than digital photography and also overcomes the lens and
size limitations of conventional digital photography.

Because the design process for “real” and CGI space is basically the same,
our designers approached the Heart of the Home kitchen wrap with similar principals. From hand sketches and color boards to the creation of 20/20 designs and 3D spaces, each step helps our clients visualize the space prior to committing to the final build. The only difference is that CGI manipulation is happening in virtual space, rather than the “real world.”

Thankfully, the outcome for ELKAY’s trailer was amazing. Standing next to the side of the truck, the CG image looks photo-realistic without any
degradation of resolution. In fact, when ELKAY unveiled the mobile showroom at KBIS (the largest tradeshow devoted to the kitchen and bath industry),attendees couldn’t tell that the imagery was computer generated.


Suzanne DeRusha, Product Innovation and Design Manager for ELKAY, was equally impressed. “When I first saw how the imagery turned out – I
gasped! I was so impressed by the quality of the image and really happy that the outcome was what I had expected it to be. The best thing about working with Shadowlight was that I knew that this project was going to be done to my expectation.” As for the results of The Heart of Home Tour, Ms. DeRusha added, “The mobile showroom has been on the road for a few weeks and it’s getting a lot of attention!”

Shadowlight produces photography, video and CGI to provide clients with
a wide range of visual communication solutions that fit almost every
situation. Want to learn more? Check out our CGI services or contact us
to discuss your next project.

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