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Why Use CGI in Commercial Marketing?

Commercial product cycles are moving faster than they ever have, and media is now expected to fulfill multiple marketing objectives. As the need for more assets increases, marketing teams are turning to the world of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to meet these demands. But why is CGI the solution for commercial spaces? Save On Building Costs … Continue reading “Why Use CGI in Commercial Marketing?”

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We’ve Noticed: Virtual Shift

Brands, we simply don’t know how you do it? At SLG we are very fortunate to work with global leaders in various segments. We have a front row seat for product launches, brand revitalization and ad campaigns that will shape the path of a products trajectory. The brilliant minds behind these products are tasked with … Continue reading “We’ve Noticed: Virtual Shift”

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Case Study: Creating ELKAY’s Mobile Showroom

When ELKAY needed to take its showroom on the road, they turned to Shadowlight to
create visuals as big as their ideas. ELKAY’s Heart of the Home Tour trailer is turning
heads all over the country.

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