Why Use CGI in Commercial Marketing?

by Amy Blackburn

Commercial product cycles are moving faster than they ever have, and media is now expected to fulfill multiple marketing objectives. As the need for more assets increases, marketing teams are turning to the world of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to meet these demands. But why is CGI the solution for commercial spaces?

Save On Building Costs

The organization of a photo shoot, including product manufacturing and logistics, travel, location contingencies, material shipping costs, and construction, can be cost-prohibitive in certain situations. CGI allows for entire sets to be designed and created in 3D and rendered as hi-res images, saving you the costs associated with a traditional photo shoot.

Create a Space or Product Before it Exists

In the event that you do not have a physical product to photograph, CGI allows you to visualize prototypes as well as create image assets for marketing materials prior to the product launch.  With CGI, you can digitally create your products, even if they haven’t made it beyond your R&D department. Once your product has been rendered, it can complement existing photography or be used in environments created with CGI. A rendered image can streamline your sales process by allowing designers, architects and others in the trade to visualize your products in a realistic space.

Easily Manipulate Images to Target Different Markets

Through CGI, a full digital scene can be designed to create commercial images that are as imaginative as you are – limitations due to size, location, architectural design and material are a thing of the past. 3D CGI scenes are never taken down or disposed of, existing scenes can be repurposed months or years later and manipulated to show products or spaces with different options, such as color, product, space, design or backgrounds. This allows you to target different markets with other options that may be more appealing to that segment, without needing to rebuild the set.


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