Employee Spotlight: Adam Bollinger

by Amy Blackburn

A quiet confidence and an incredible attention to detail are what drives photographer Adam Bollinger to create amazing work for Shadowlight’s clients. His always positive attitude and proactive communication skills keep projects flowing and everyone happy.

We thought it was time to give Adam a shout out and learn some fun things about him.

adam bollinger





(awww Adam and his fiancé)



What did you want to be when growing up?

Ironically, this was a part of an assignment when I was in 5th grade; they made us write letters to ourselves that would be presented to us before graduation.  If it weren’t for this letter I couldn’t tell you what 10 years old me would have said.  Throughout high school I had full intentions of becoming an athletic trainer, it wasn’t until the summer before my senior year that I decided to completely switch gears and pursue photography as a career.  So you can imagine how surprised I was when I opened this letter to read that I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was at least 10 years old.


What is the last joke you recall?

Knock Knock

Who’s There?


Dishes Who?

“Dishes” Sean Connery


adam creative








(A creative shot for Moen by Adam)


Where would you like to travel?

My fiancé and I have both wanted to see Greece every since we met in a Classical Mythology course.  So naturally, that’s where we are going on our honeymoon this fall.  While we are over there, we will be visiting Athens, Santorini, and Delphi.


How did you first learn about Shadowlight?

They contacted the head of career services where I went to college and he sent out a mass e-mail to the graduating class.  I applied, and the rest is history.


What has been your favorite project at Shadowlight?

It’s not every day that we get asked to go on location, but in December of 2016, I went with a team to L.A. to work on a set with LG and Nate Berkus.  That’s a week I will never forget.

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