The main studio

The main studio building is 125,000 square feet with 32-foot high ceilings. With studio space to accommodate dozens of simultaneous projects at any time, plus all the support facilities and spaces to make your project run smoothly, shadowlight’s main studio allows our team of creative professionals to create custom solutions for your next photography or video project.

Full Service Projects

The size and scope of shadowlight’s main studio facility provides flexibility and customization to meet the needs of any sized project from large scale custom built sets to silo shots and vignettes for smaller jobs. The huge studio space can accommodate up to 45 separate sets that can be used for both traditional photography and B-roll video – stretching budget and resources by repurposing sets for multiple projects and allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling and logistics.

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  • shadowlight behind the scenes

  • shadowlight behind the scenes

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Stock Sets

In addition to custom set design and construction solutions, shadowlight’s main studio also features 25 permanent stock sets ready and waiting for your next project. Stock sets can be customized with furniture, fixtures, paint and props to create the perfect setting for your next shoot and can be rented independently from shadowlight’s photography or video services.

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