Lights, Camera, Alteration!

by Shadowlight Group

Nothing’s Final in Adobe Photoshop

Brand Managers and Creative Directors put a lot of stock in digital artists these days. Drop in on any commercial photography shoot, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear someone reassure their design team with the most overused and undervalued words in marketing and advertising.

“We Can Fix That in Post.”

Enter the unsung heroes of tail end post-production. Working silently in the dark – feverishly touching up and tweaking every fissure and fracture left over from the production process –digital artists complete project after project, deadline after deadline. Whether it’s product logistics, seasonal shifts, acts of god or scope creep on the set, digital artists are a constant – ensuring product accuracy, color correctness, and seamlessly stitched digital vistas to name only a few.

Professional Digital Artists Make the Impossible… Possible

It’s an essential production tool for finalizing digital photos. From simple, subtle color swings to entirely recreating broken or missing product features – ironically, as important as the role of a digital artist is in content creation, the goal is to never have been there. Digital artists aren’t just useful in working with conventional digital imagery; they are invaluable in finishing up computer-generated-imagery as well. Below are a few of the common (and not so common) imagery solutions digital artists can provide.

Color Changes

Even after tireless work and attention, the color you select during the design phase doesn’t always translate perfectly in the final scene. With a few masterstrokes, we can shift colors to create exactly what you originally envisioned for your product beauty shots.

The creative director at Lowe’s wanted a slightly darker Valspar color, which we modified in Adobe Photoshop. Notice the completed imagery in the mirror.

Digital Vistas

Vistas are a focal feature in any scene. They can affect everything from mood and time-of-day to region and demographics. In this scene, we were photographing window blinds by Graber.  It was of paramount importance that we illustrated how the blinds influenced light in the room. But the scene was photographed in a studio. How are you supposed to achieve the illusion of reality when you’re not on location? Use a digital artist. That’s how.


Finish a Room

Just because some objects share the same space doesn’t mean they share the same manufacturing timelines. Digital artists can duplicate or create entire features of product to finish any job right down to the ribbon.

In this image, an entire wall of cabinets were backordered. No sweat, we went ahead and created them.

Change the Season

We do a lot of post-production work to alter entire scenes. We can change the view, alter the time of day, shift the season and much more.

In this image for Lutron, a digital artist shifted the season from autumn to summer. Notice the added shrubs, the missing tree and the enhanced window lighting.


In this scene for a globally recognized appliance company, we were asked to create a 10 th floor luxury penthouse and drop it in to a vibrant urban setting.  In reality, we would have had to take over someone’s home, put a crew up in hotels, travel to the location and ship all the appropriate material to the location while risking that the view was perfect when it needed to be photographed. The solution? Put one person on location atop the 10 th floor of a building and get a 360º photograph of the skyline and then…?


It was our digital artists who successfully stitched the urban scene in, getting this ultra-high-end kitchen on location

…well, sort of on location.

The Sky’s The Limit

With skilled digital artists, we can deliver imagery that matches your vision – even if your product’s incomplete, your scene locations aren’t attainable, your product logistics don’t align or simply by ensuring your brand meets color standards. So feel free to change it in post. We’re happy to create or enhance any image – digital photography or computer generated. Talk to us about your marketing image needs today.
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