Project Spotlight: LG Electronics

by Jason Hershey

The Task: Design, construction, styling and photography of two living space sets. Post-production and delivery of 40+ final images for marketing & advertising use.

The Sets: A contemporary, open-concept living space and a two-story, high-end loft, both with a dining area/work station.

The Products: LG would be using the sets to photograph a number of items from the OLED and Super UHD suite of products.

The Rub: After set designs and style boards were approved, we had just 11 days to complete construction of both sets.


The Process: Set Designs


Super UHD Set


The Process: Style Boards

OLED Style Board

Super UHD Style Board


The Process: Set Construction



The Results: OLED


The Results: Super UHD


The Results In Action


Super UHD


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