Rubbermaid Case Study: Capturing Functionality Using On-Location Photography

by Shadowlight Group

Rubbermaid wanted to showcase a new line of residential sheds, including images of the sheds in use in real backyards. Telling their story involved scouting locations, installing some sheds and staging the scenes, right down to the landscaping.

When Rubbermaid, a company known for providing storage solutions that simplify everyday lives, needed photography to launch a new line of residential sheds, their vision was for more than a typical studio shoot. They wanted on-location product photography to supplement the studio shots we had already shot. The reason: this would allow Rubbermaid to show the sheds in an outdoor setting as well as highlight how they are used by an actual homeowner.

The photos needed to convey the extra lawn care storage space that the sheds provide without being intrusive to the homeowner’s yard. We scouted locations and found the perfect home (and willing homeowner) to install one of the sheds.

Here is the “before photo” prior to installing the shed
(and prior to us working our magic in getting the area and photo set up just right):

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.56.25 AM

The shed was then installed and staged so that we were able to capture the storage capacity, as well as the non-intrusive benefits of the shed. In addition, we added landscaping elements and proper lighting to showcase the product in the best setting possible. Finally, our post-production team adjusted color, lighting and other visual elements to create an outstanding finished shot.

The result:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.56.40 AM

“We love shooting on location because it gives our clients the ability to illustrate their products in use in a real home by a real home owner. It allows us to show functionality as well as the beauty of the product, and go beyond the studio photos that we are known for,” Shadowlight President Phil Heistand stated.

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