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Through our joint venture with Pikcells, one of the UK’s leading CGI design firms, shadowlight CGI produces stunning CGI images, animations and interactive apps.

The possibilities are truly endless, but some common uses of our CGI capabilities are:

  • Creating pre-product launch marketing materials – even before the product is manufactured
  • Building interactive apps and VR to help customers visualize products and product options
  • Merging CG with traditional photography to optimize creative potential

CGI Imagery

Specializing in room renders and product detail, our CGI work will leave you wondering if it’s real or computer generated.

Our specialties

full set rendering

Our fully designed photo-realistic digital room set images have a multitude of uses including: R&D and product development, pre-launch or conventional marketing and interactive apps and product visualizers

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product modeling

Shadowlight CGI can digitally build your products in a CG environment, and once rendered, products can be placed into traditional photo sets, used for 360-degree views or included in interactive apps or other digital technologies.

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CG Animation

Shadowlight CGI’s photo-realistic animations offer limitless opportunities to show off your brand and products. By combining eye-popping CG visuals with creative concepts our CG artists and animators can produce any type of animation you need to highlight your brand’s unique style.

Interactive Apps and Augmented Reality

Shadowlight CGI produces interactive and augmented reality applications that allow users to engage with your product in new and exciting ways like visualizing them in real-world environments or comparing product options, colors and specs on desktop and mobile devices.

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