Covering you from every angle. Literally.


Online retailers and resellers have certain imagery requirements for the products sold on their websites. These specifications can vary from site to site and product to product. At shadowlight, our capabilities provide you with everything you’ll need to meet your retailer’s imagery demands, all on one campus. From our seamless white cyc, 360° turntable capable of handling heavy products, soundstage and video production services, or photo-realistic CG imagery, we have everything you need to meet the eCommerce demands.

eCommerce Package Services

Product Silos

Choose angles based on product requirements, including: head-on, left, right, overhead, rear, control panel. Provided with clipping paths.

360° Product View

24 exposures per rotation. Provided with clipping paths.

Feature Benefits Video

Custom options to fit your specific needs including video on set or seamless cyc, voiceover, text on screen, talent, and more.

Room scene photography or photo-realistic CGI

Customizable rooms shot in traditional photography or rendered in CG with ability to digitally insert multiple products and finishes.

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