Shadowlight Helps Jenn-Air Expand Marketing Reach through Product Placement

by Shadowlight Group

When Jenn-Air designed two luxury kitchens to showcase its newest product lines, they included a lot of high-end finishes and fixtures. To help them realize their visions within budget, Shadowlight reached out to clients that manufacture related products. The resulting partnerships allowed our clients to create high-end visuals at a significant savings.

Product placement is everywhere. It’s hard not to notice the brand name beverages sitting on the table during your favorite reality competition TV show. These types of placements allow companies to expand marketing reach by showcasing their products to a new audience.

And it makes even more sense when your company can partner with complementary products from another company. Shadowlight offers a service that allows us to create and photograph entire sets that bring together products from like-minded clients.

This service has allowed Shadowlight client, Jenn-Air, to find partnerships with other high-end kitchen and design companies to best showcase its products. Jenn-Air, a luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer, has been able to shoot its products in beautiful cabinetry and outfit multiple sets with other luxury details, including high-end fixtures, expansive windows, and beautiful tiles.

By partnering with other providers, it becomes a “win-win” for everyone involved. Including partners in photo shoots saves Jenn-Air the cost and time of finding all of the materials needed to complete the set design. The partnering companies then also have the opportunity to have Shadowlight shoot the set for a fraction of the price. Those images are then used in the partner company’s marketing collateral, increasing Jenn-Air’s exposure in the luxury market at no cost to them.

Renee Catania, Marketing Specialist for Jenn-Air, commented “Due to Shadowlight’s long tenure in the business, they have an extensive list of great partners. And most importantly, they understand the Jenn-Air brand, our expectations for quality, the process, our deadlines, and the attention to detail necessary to create gorgeous imagery. Shadowlight handles the partnership process for us – I don’t have to search.  It’s always exciting to get a call from Joe telling me he’s found another partner.”

The benefit of cross-pollinating marketing initiatives between different manufacturers helps our clients save time and money, while also increasing exposure to different media channels.

If you are interested in leveraging Shadowlight’s relationships for your next photo shoot, contact us.



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