Stock sets at Shadowlight help Aquatic Bath get the most out of their production value

by Shadowlight Group

Our client, a marketing manager at Aquatic Bath, used stock sets to get a full library of product images within her budget. See some examples of the results.

Katrina Aure, marketing manager for Aquatic Bath, approached us about product photography.
She needed a full line of product photography and videos to refresh Aquatic’s marketing efforts.

Katrina Aure initially contacted us because she needed product imagery within her marketing budget.
“I was intrigued by Shadowlight’s approach to prebuilt stock sets,” Katrina says. “We’re always looking for ways to get the most out of our marketing spend and using stock sets at Shadowlight seemed like a
really intriguing and innovative way to produce quality work at a reasonable cost.”


One of Aquatic Bath’s soaking tubs.

“In the past when we did photography, we had to build everything from scratch, so we either had to limit the number or the scope of the sets,” Katrina says. “The results were never really as grand as we would have liked. Shadowlight has such a huge range of capabilities that we were able to essentially build an entire library of visual assets in one shoot.”

“We can place as many ads as we want, we can create as many fliers and brochures as we like, but if they always have the same photography it’s not very exciting to the people who are receiving them.”

To stretch their marketing dollars even further, Aquatic chose to capture video at the same time. “We initially went into this talking about photography,” Katrina says. “But when I learned that Shadowlight
also does video, it was an attractive proposition because it’s not something that I had a lot of resources for. I felt comfortable with their team and after one or two conversations it was clear that Shadowlight knew exactly what I was trying to do.” Shadowlight handled everything from casting talent and scripting to post-production for Aquatic. Combining video with still photography using stock sets gives our clients greater returns on their marketing investments.

To learn more about why stock sets make sense, contact us.

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