The Evolution of Shadowlight

by Shadowlight Group

Thanks to continued growth at Shadowlight, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve promoted several employees to new positions and new responsibilities.

Shadowlight takes pride in the fact that we have recently promoted 3 employees from within the company. We’ve experienced a lot of growth over the years and we look forward to the future as we continue to evolve to meet the new challenges and opportunities presented by our clients. Get to know some of our newest leadership team below.

John Wilson, COO

John Wilson has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. He is now the go to person for anything that involves logistics and operations. John’s career started in photography where his focus quickly changed to digital output and retouching just as the digital movement began. When Shadowlight started using digital cameras in 2002, it was only natural to bring John on as an expert in digital retouching. During his tenure at Shadowlight, John’s technical contributions have excelled along with his critical eye for managing our client’s creative expectations on every image we produce. John and his department have been the final checkpoint for Shadowlight’s imagery for over eleven years. When asked his favorite thing about working here, John responded, “Being part of a team of dedicated professionals who are willing to do what it takes to help our clients reach their goals.”

Dianne Roeder, CFO


Dianne Roeder has been promoted to Shadowlight’s Chief Financial Officer. She has been with Shadowlight for twelve years as the Controller. Dianne set up our initial accounting system, brought payroll in house and began job costing. In her new role, Dianne will be managing the accounting department and performing more financial forecasting based on the company’s long term goals. She enjoys working at Shadowlight because we have an open door policy where everyone knows each other, allowing for decisions and changes to be made quickly. When asked her favorite thing about working here, she responded, “The people. I can work with numbers anywhere, but it’s the people that make the difference here. Not to mention the great discount on kitchen cabinets!”

Matthew Rudig,
Director of Carpentry


Matthew’s impeccable work ethic and leadership qualities made his promotion to Director of Carpentry an easy decision. He will be managing personnel, materials and equipment while ensuring his department has everything necessary to create our clients sets on time and as expected. Matthew epitomizes the quality that has become synonymous with the Shadowlight brand. A skilled carpenter, he came to Shadowlight over nine years ago with a background that included building custom homes in Montana. When asked his favorite thing about working at Shadowlight, Matthew responded, “While everything we make is transitory, you can be sure that every set we build is full of our blood, sweat and tears. But the feeling I get when I open a magazine and see the set that I’ve helped to create provides validation and a feeling of pride that makes it all worthwhile.”


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