We’ve Noticed: Virtual Shift

by Amy Blackburn

Brands, we simply don’t know how you do it? At SLG we are very fortunate to work with global leaders in various segments. We have a front row seat for product launches, brand revitalization and ad campaigns that will shape the path of a products trajectory. The brilliant minds behind these products are tasked with engineering, manufacturing, marketing and selling to a group of consumers that are smarter and more informed than ever!

The pressure on these brands is tangible, millions, in some cases billions of dollars are on the line. Focus groups, market research, trend reports. All this because a brand loyal “millennial” mentioned a product on Instagram that she wants for her future dream home? The continual efforts poured into new product development and innovation by these companies is amazing.

Marketing and brand teams are checking with engineering and product teams for delivery dates. Retail is asking sales teams when they should submit PO’s etc., etc. Pushing launch dates means delayed shipping to retail and ad campaigns and social calendars and not to mention REVENUE for the quarter. These companies are much smarter than that. They will not wait, they are looking for viable cost-effective solutions for product imagery and motion that will get to market on time.

Marketing and product teams must be nimble to meet launch dates. Maybe the product is not quite ready or it’s a prototype or the finish is not quite right. In today’s competitive landscape brands are learning, adapting and forging ahead. Because of this, we’ve noticed a huge shift in CGI and VR exploration and execution if a traditional photo shoot is not an option. (As photo traditionalists cringe)

We’re always inspired by companies that are willing to take risks and push creative boundaries. So, brands, please continue your innovation and exploration. As industry leaders you’ve forgotten more than your competitors know, and it’s fun to watch!


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